There have been several technological advancements, and camera and photo quality for weddings has also improved dramatically. With no place to hide behind anything, it is more critical than ever for brides to avoid looking back on photos and wishing they had done anything differently.

 It is so because the wedding day is the most important life of any bride, and every bride wishes to look best on her wedding day. To that end, we are going to go through a few diverse ways to apply wedding makeup and tell you which ones will work best for your skin.

HD Bridal Makeup

This approach arose out of necessity as camera quality and image quality improved. It is a basic approach that employs the standard makeup application procedure. The only difference is that the cosmetics used for this purpose contain materials such as mica, silicon, quartz, or crystals, which help to disperse the light caught by the camera and give the face an equal tone that masks any flaws.

This makeup is ideal for brides who have noticeable pores, scars, fine lines, and wrinkles. This approach achieves the ideal blend of comprehensive coverage while being light and natural-looking. Bridal makeup prices start at 1.5k, while HD makeup prices can go up to 18k approximately.

 Furthermore, utilizing products like the cosmetics forever HD foundation provides a matt, long-lasting finish that eliminates cakey appearances. At House of salons, we have professional experts for every kind of bridal makeup and HD Bridal makeup is something that our experts have a lot of expertise in.

Airbrush Bridal Makeup

This is another method devised in an attempt to provide brides with a more blended finish for their conventional wedding makeup appearance. Airbrushing employs light coverage materials that are sprayed using spraying equipment, allowing the ingredients to mix effectively on the skin.

Though this method is not suitable for concealing acne or other obvious markings or imperfections, it covers the face with a thin layer of product, allowing brides to get the most natural and blended look possible. Airbrush makeup pricing and packages at salons vary from 16k to 20k, similar to the HD makeup process.

Natural Bridal Makeup

This approach is most suited for the bride who has a naturally radiant complexion and does not want to deal with the inconveniences of applying and touching up makeup on their wedding day. Natural makeup options emphasize the eyes and lips by applying eyeliner or a lip liner.

 They draw attention to the bride’s innate attractiveness by highlighting her features. Mascara and other related products can assist to lengthen eyelashes without the usage of fake lashes. In addition, the placement of cosmetics such as blush and highlighter should be done strategically to elevate the face.

Each of these treatments has advantages and disadvantages that make them appropriate for different brides. Which technique do you believe will be the most appropriate for you? Visit House of Salons or schedule an appointment for the best Bridal Makeup and packages. Book Now your appointment.

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