It was an incredible experience to get my body tattooed!! Because it was my first tattoo, I was a little concerned about how it would turn out, but thanks to House of salons for the incredible piece of art!! I just had the vague intention of doing anything connected to Warrior. Amin came up with an excellent design of what I was thinking about. Now I know that where would I go to get my next tattoo. It definitely is House of Salons. Wonderful experience.
I Devoted 3-four weeks finding the finest tattoo studio (and artist) for my first tattoo, and after reading several websites and articles, I discovered that “House of Salons” is not only the greatest in Islamabad, but also one of the best in Pakistan. When I arrived at the studio on the big day, everything was clean and wonderfully decorated. A stylist there began making modifications to the design (it’s a 4*3 size) and I liked the end, then boom! I got my tattoo, and he made it out to be no big issue, with pleasant music, a couple of hours and it’s done, little and polite after care advice, and small gifts as a bonus. House of Salons! I’ll be back shortly for the next tattoo, and this time I’ll give you a difficult assignment.
For me, this is a fantastic tattoo. I’m on the second day of my tattoo and I’m still not experiencing any negative effects. Primarily, I’d want to express my gratitude since this tattoo is precious to me, and you created it very well. My father’s name has always brought me joy on my hand. Thank you again, House of Salons and crew, for a lovely tattoo. You are the best. You made my tattoo extremely special. If anyone of you looking for a tattoo place in Islamabad, House of Salons is the place for you.
Expertise! It’s thy name, it’s thy designation! House of Salons is a consummate professional place in all that it does. Excellent studio with great painters. Don’t base your opinion on the studio’s location. It appears to be quite good on the inside. They take excellent care of their patients. I received an email asking how my tattoo was doing and if I needed any assistance or had any concerns, which was exceedingly kind. I felt valued and cared about. I would suggest this studio to anybody and everyone. Without a doubt, House of Salons is the finest I know.
After delaying getting a tattoo for several years, I actually got my first one a week ago and wanted to express my gratitude to House of Salons and crew. They carefully replied all of my questions, despite the fact that the stylist looked to be a man of few words. Anyone interested in getting a tattoo will be safe with House of Salons. They have got a really skilled artists, and the studio is quite clean. Thank you very much for the beautiful tattoo; I’ve already referred you to my friends. Keep up the excellent job.
I’d been wanting to be tattooed for a long time, but I couldn’t do it for a variety of reasons. I wanted to get a tattoo and searched for the best tattoo place in Islamabad. It provided me with numerous alternatives, but the recommendations about House of Salons were rather persuasive. I made an appointment with House of Salons over WhatsApp and was eventually INKED on just two days later. They did an excellent job on my forearm. Thank you very much, House of salons! I’m going to be inked again.
It was an incredible experience in going to House of Salons. I got a tattoo done by a senior stylist from here. They are quite important in hygienic measures, which are widely dreaded by all of us. They provide you with a work of art that you will cherish for the rest of your life. So, if you’re looking for a tattoo in Islamabad there’s no better place to go than House of Salons. Strongly recommended.
I desperately wanted a tattoo that expressed my aspirations and passions, and this was my debut tattoo. Special thanks to my stylist for getting me the best classy design that expresses my hobbies and desires all at once. Even if I look at my tattoo after many years, it will still give me the same mood and drive… Also, a big thanks to Whole house of Salon’s team for making my first tattoo experience so easy and enjoyable. Lots of love and respect to the entire team.
Ray J
The professionalism and thoroughness with which House of Salons operates surprised us much! From the appointment method to the overall checking process, that we were pleased with our design to giving us the expiration dates on all the newly opened materials put on our skin, this is the place to go, if you desire to ink a tattoo for a lifetime. Thank you very much for the thorough care and expertise.
Nida Kashmiri
House of Salons, you’re really talented at what you are doing. Thank you so much for everything. I am pleased with how you greet us and explain what is best suited. A stylist there inked a tattoo on my right wrist, and he performed an excellent job. I prefer a professional that is skilled in this area, and I feel House of Salons are the finest. Specially, in Islamabad, there isn’t a better place for tattoos, and you won’t regret going there.
It is my first tattoo, and I’m in love with it. It was fairly painless, which I appreciated. The expertise and understanding you have over this, on which you base your ideas, is excellent. Thank you very much House of Salons for my first tattoo. I was very delighted and impressed with it. If someone asks, I will undoubtedly suggest you guys… the process of referral has already begun. Besides being so clean and sterilized, it is not so costly as well. So, you guys can easily go there.
On my wrist, I inked a lovely angel tattoo. I’d been hunting for a tattoo shop in Islamabad for quite some time, and I’m pleased I done my homework first. House of Salons is in the top five of Google searches for the finest locations to get tattoos, and it more than lived up to the hype. I was dubious, especially during Covid, but with all of the safeguards and sterilization in place, it made it so much simpler. It was so good and enjoyable. You will not get bored or annoyed by anything there.
House of Salons inked a tattoo for me. A guy there was very skilled and offered me a lot of information regarding the tattoo’s placing, color, and other aspects so that I could make an informed decision. He was the first to do so as an artist. I was concerned about the fading of the large tattoo. But it healed beautifully, and I now have a lovely tattoo. Guys, keep up the excellent job. You’ve gained a frequent client. It was extremely awesome being there. I couldn’t be more thankful
Usman Khan
I was just suggested to get my tattoo done from House of Salons since they are incredibly professional and clean. That was extremely important to me during the epidemic. Both tattoo artists were really competent and performed an excellent job with the tattoo while giving me the least amount of discomfort. My tattoo was little, but it was extremely clean and faded quickly. They may also assist you with the design process and crucial considerations before having a tattoo. Overall, I had a 5-star experience with them and would wholeheartedly suggest them.
Faisal Sheraz Kareem
Few days ago, I got a portrait tattoo from Iron Buzz, and I am really satisfied with it!! My designer performed an excellent job! He listened to what I had in vision and turned up with a wonderful design. He added a few tweaks of his own to give the portrait a distinct appearance, and the portrait matches the photo supplied down to the last detail. We sat for about ten hours straight, and I am quite happy with the finished result. I’ll certainly be back to House of Salons for my next tattoo!
Each tattoo has a narrative, and they are all so magnificent and expressive designed in such a wonderful way by House of Salons. It’s the kind of art that comes easily to you. My tattoo is lovely, and the experience was soul-stirring. You took what I provided you and made it your own! Thank you for what you’ve done. I was feeling way too confused about going to HOS but now I’m in a position to strongly recommend everybody to House of Salons. It’s amazing!
Leena J
The one shop for every tattoo style. If you’re looking to get your first tattoo, I strongly recommend you go to House of Salons. According to my view, the most essential thing is to capture the thoughts of the individual who wants to have the tattoo, and the design must meet those expectations. House of Salons got it right. I entered the studio with an open mind and discussed the design I was hoping for. The final design was fantastic, and I am glad I picked this location. A professional setting with a delicate touch. They will clear up any questions a first-time tattooed may have. The best tattoo parlor. Many thanks to House of Salons
House of Salons should be your best option as a tattoo artist. After doing some internet researching, I decided to move on from a local salon to House if Salons, and it was the finest decision of my life! They are so meticulous with a professional tattoo artist who will go beyond his physical ability to guarantee that every aspect of the tattoo receives the due importance and is done with perfection. My stylist was in was not feeling good during my session, yet he still sat for 12 hours and didn’t cut any corners on the tattoo!! You have my respect!! I’ve never met anybody so committed in my life. I just spent an extraordinary time there. Best wishes.
The entire crew is exceedingly kind and friendly. They’re fantastic. They are amazing at what they do! And it’s unique. They will appropriately consult with you. Unlike in some areas, where they don’t even bother to inquire. Simply download a design from the internet and tattoo it on your body. It’s more about the love and passion they have for what they do rather than simply another tattoo parlor. House of Salons is great! They complete their task so smoothly and their collaboration was an amazing masterpiece for me. Thank you so much. Much Love. Thanks House of Salons
Me and my colleague, on our last day to stay in Islamabad went out and decided to get some tattoos, so we booked an appointment with House of Salons, we were extremely late on arrival bit they were more than accommodating. They were all extremely thorough in their design work and professionalism, and they collaborated with us on pricing, designs, and placements. Excellent experience: I wholeheartedly suggest it. Enjoy going to HOS.
Nasima Wazir
House of Salons is fantastic!! I’ve gone to several waxing salons, but this is one of my favorites so far. They were really kind and lovely. I didn’t feel much discomfort. I phoned last minute to schedule an appointment, and even though I was late, they still brought me in. The price is quite fair, and the environment is really clean. I will certainly return. They are meticulous in her attention to detail and made certain that no hair remained. I’m a very satisfied client.
Meena Babar
I’ve been going House of Salons for a year now and I won’t go anyplace else. They have the most gel colors of any place I’ve ever gone. They usually have someone performing your manicure and pedicure at the same time, which allows for faster service. Over the last year, I’ve had nearly every staff offer assistance, and I can’t say enough good things about them. On the other hand, a lady there generally does my nails, e a real sweetie. I once misplaced my phone and went to the hairdresser to borrow their phone. She offered me his personal phone without hesitation. They provide the greatest customer service in the area. I adore these guys.
Rabia Zubairi
On my first appointment with House of Salons, I got my nails done. When I needed to do my nails again, I went there again, I’d never had black gel paint done before, but a lady there advised me to give it a shot because they dry quickly and are virtually indestructible (he cleaned my nails with remover to demonstrate how strong and robust the color hold, immediately after application, it got dry! Literally, it was awesome. So go there, they’re fantastic! Andy in particular! they’re nice people, pleasant, and the place is clean and sterile.
I have been planning an international tour and wanted the best manicure and pedicure done to my body. I was very confused about where Should I get this done from. I have heard a lot about House of Salons. They are not only professionals but also very economical as well. So, I got the courage to book an appointment there and believe me I went out of the salon with all the happened on my face. They did an incredible work, and I would recommend everybody to go there. Thanks HOS.
Kumbal Singh
House of Salons is the best. They are super perfect and can do anything with precision and accuracy. They have been highly creative with all their designs, colors, styles, and procedures. I have been getting manicure and pedicure very now and them, but I have never seen a pedicurist working in such a smooth way. I almost spent two hours at HOS, but I never felt like bored for even once. All the staff was incredibly supportive and interactive and all of them were well informed about their tasks. It was so nice being there.
Rashid Niaz
I’ve gone House of Salons a few times and have always had a positive experience. The individuals I’ve spoken to there have always been really pleasant and polite, and they’ve recognized me even though I only go once in a while, which is quite good of them. When I get my nails done here, the nail polish always lasts a long time. They definitely nickel and dime for silly things like gel or other things that are typically included in most manicures. Their selection of nail polish to buying has always been really great with hard-to-find OPI colors, so that’s an added bonus! Overall, it’s always great going there.
Majid Irfan
I live in Rawalpindi and me and my sister needed to get mani/pedi before our cousin’s marriage. A friend of us recommended us to visit House of Salons in Islamabad. Before making an appointment, we checked its reviews and there hardly any review that was complaining about their services, so we booked an appointment. Upon reaching there, a woman started working on us. She was very talkative and caring a lot about our demands. Everything worked nicely. It was great.
Binte Maria
I went from a local nail shop to House of Salons, and they were too inquisitive, and the place was not spaciousness. Choosing a place for manicure is very crucial for me because I have my nails done after almost 15 days. When I stepped in HOS, I was greeted hotly and was led to the place of setting. Then they left my feet to soak, and, in the meanwhile, they offered me If I wanted to read something or listen to music. That was nice. The most important thing was that they asked my thoroughly that to what extent did I need my treatment done. And at the end, I was surprised by the work done. I strongly suggest everyone to visit HOS. Thanks!
Noor Raza
Because I don't get waxed on a frequent basis, I have to prepare myself every time I have one when summer arrives. The staff at House of Salon made me feel at ease and made the waxing process less stressful than it had been in the past. What I loved best about House of Salons was its thoroughness and cleanliness. Normally, I would go straight home to clean up from the wax, but they were so careful that it didn't leave with any waxy residue or missing hairs (I was able to go out and comfortably continue got ready for my friend's engagement). She also asked how low I wanted to go, which was wonderful because I've had prior waxes where I couldn't wear short dresses after because they didn't go low enough. Briefly, it was a wonderful experience with House of Salons.
My colleagues and I all had manicures from House of Salons, and it didn’t cost a lot. Still inexpensive by normal standards. We gladly paid the money since this was the finest soothing, thorough, and meticulous manicure I’d ever had. My nails have never been so nicely manicured. The ladies there were wonderful, we were provided complementary drinks and some snacks as well. The interior was extraordinary and the whole settings inside was something that I had never seen before. This business appears to be owned by an expert who has educated these professionals extremely well, since all three of us could believe at the end that we had the perfect manicure of the town. Thanks HOS.
Last week I booked an appointment with House of Salons, and you know what I really liked about them? They have great experts who give treatments by first reading the skin of the client. A lady there first analyzed my skin thoroughly and then started giving treatment to me. And as expectedly, didn’t get any side effects lately. Regarding my previous experiences, I got some side effects on my skin for almost every time but this time, I got nothing. This shows that how good they are about their work. I would strongly suggest HOS to everyone in the town.
I was abroad when I chose to work with House of Salons, so I couldn’t go through the typical trial period and then make a decision. But after a few phone calls with HOS, I was certain that they’d be fantastic! My trial was only a week before my wedding, but their knowledge and kind demeanor placed me at rest. They are receptive to criticism and recommendations, and what impressed me the most was that I didn’t feel like I was dealing with someone I hardly knew. It felt like my best buddy was doing my makeup! They acted like lifesaver on my wedding day. A big thanks to them.
Are you guys looking for a complete package of services at one place in Islamabad? If yes, House of Salons is the place for you. They offer everything ranging from Haircut and hair treatments to Pedicure, manicure, bridal suite and skin treatments. I visit HOS every month for getting something done and every time, I get out satisfactorily. The hair stylist there is simply outstanding. He used to make a great hairstyle from minimal of input. So, guys, get your appointment done and pay a visit there They are great
Asif Ahsan
Choosing House of Salons for my wedding makeup is the best plan I have ever made in my life. I can’t be more thankful to them. Firstly, I would like to thank you for bearing with me all the time and listen to my insecurities very carefully. Secondly, the staff and the customer care at HOS are simply extraordinary. Like how they treated from stepping into the salon till leaving it is something that is extraordinary. Everyone on my wedding praised my look and asked about the stylist and I simply loved to refer HOS to every one of them. Thank you very much!
Fiza Abbasi
I still remember my first visit to House of Salons when my whole perception about salons had changed. It’s been months since my first there and everyone whom I recommended HOS had come with great comments I love to color my hairs and there is no better place to get your hairs colored in Islamabad This is my fourth visit to HOS and they give a new shade to my hairs this time well. Every time, they come with innovative ideas for my hairs. They are simply great. Thanks for being so fit for my hairs.
Sanam Naveed
After being transferred to Islamabad, I really struggled to find a salon to get my hair keratin treatment done. I tried some places but got nothing but disappointment. But last Monday, a friend of mine talked about House of Salons and told me about her experience with it So I booked my appointment there and visiting that place, I can say that it is the best place to get your hairs done in Islamabad. The staff at HOS are so interactive and expert that you enjoy every second there. I would strongly recommend HOS to you guys. And lastly, thanks a lot for such a healthy treatment.
My hair and makeup looked fantastic after getting it done from House of Salons. The staff were fantastic to deal with and made my engagement morning flow so beautifully. My engagement day was extremely hot and humid, and my hair and makeup lasted the entire day! My bridesmaids were all blown away by how beautiful their hair and makeup looked. I strongly suggest it.
Anum Sultan
My hair and makeup looked fantastic after getting it done from House of Salons. The staff were fantastic to deal with and made my engagement morning flow so beautifully. My engagement day was extremely hot and humid, and my hair and makeup lasted the entire day! My bridesmaids were all blown away by how beautiful their hair and makeup looked. I strongly suggest it.
Talha Arif
The staff at House of salons are most professional, down-to-earth, and talented professionals I’ve ever met! I had the good fortune to work with them. They were extremely open-minded and kind during my wedding planning process, and they worked with me when my wedding date had to be changed due to the pandemic. I wanted to make a few modifications from my trial on my wedding day, and they were very accommodating and prepared to take on the challenge! We had so much fun getting prepared with them that it was almost as if they were also my bridesmaids!! Everyone at our reception commented on how beautiful mine, my mother’s, and my bridesmaids’ make overlooked. The staff at HOS are really amazing. Thanks again!!
Last weekend, house of salon did cosmetics for our party of bridesmaids and the bride. They were able to accommodate our huge party of individuals that required more than 20 hours as also had a few adjustments in the morning of the wedding, but they handled everything perfectly, which was a great relief. The trial was also fantastic; they took all of my photos and produced a look that was appropriate for my hair and personality. They made the entire process as smooth as possible. Thank you very much House of Salons, for doing such an amazing job!
My Makeup place, House of Salon, is highly recommend for your wedding day. Beauty artists there were outstanding. I'm not a big fan of cosmetics and preferred a more natural look. They performed an outstanding job. I couldn't be more pleased. Their down-to-earth attitudes added to the enjoyment of the day for my family, bridesmaids, and myself. Thank you so much for making my day so memorable! Thank you very much for making my day special. Thanks HOS.
Iqra Butt
House of Salons: the most cost-effective beauty treatment in Islamabad. Excellent service at extremely reasonable pricing in Islamabad and they are always willing to help. Staff was really kind, and the service was extremely personalized. They started calling me by my first name after just one visit, which is extremely amazing. Highly recommended to everyone. The level of care and attention they give to their customers should be praised. Loved my visit there. You guys should visit HOS once.
I am a committed House of Salon's client and I'm so for all the right purposes. The greatest eyebrow plucking in town, as well as waxing, manicure, and therapies. This is a salon I would suggest to anybody. I enjoy the service and appreciate the time and effort that HOS has put into the entire process. Very competent job performed in a warm and welcoming environment. Everyone there is hospitable and humble. Continue your excellent job. Best regards.
It's a really stylish and appealing beauty salon. Not all Salons do look like Hose of salons in Islamabad. All of the counselors were competent, friendly, and efficient. I was happy with the treatment-related customers I received. I was really pleased with my makeover, and you may also chill with music while your face is treated. I will most certainly return to House of Salon and suggest it to my relatives and friends. I'm looking forward to my next appointment. Thank you, HOS for your wonderful service!
Kausar Khan
I would highly recommended House of Salons. Not only did the entire team adhere to necessary SOPs, but they were also really polite and friendly throughout the procedure. I got their service of the facial, massage, and hair treatment package, and I was genuinely pleased by how much effort each employee went in to meet my desired result. They did an outstanding job with my facial; I wholeheartedly recommend HOS. I actually got late from the time of my appointment but not a single employee made a frown or complained about being late. This is highly improbable given that most salons in Islamabad have a bad history of overbooking.
I generally suggest House of Salons for keratin treatments because I had the finest experience at HOS multiple times, and I must say the staff is extremely accommodating. A lady there has magic in her hands, and for Mani/Padi they have a staff of great expertise and skills. In terms of hair, if you visit HOS, I will say that they would be best. I recommend HOS to all of you. They carefully listen to the customer and work their magic to get their desired appearance. Completely satisfied... Very pleasant staff...I will certainly return.
After hearing so many positive reviews, I decided to try House of Salons. With my visit, I was really pleased. It was a pleasant, peaceful environment. They have a vey helpful and not pressing staff. My hair stylist impressed me, and she did a wonderful job with my hair. For a summarizer style, I wanted my hair to shine brighter but I was worried for highlights because some individuals seem like stretched zebras after getting highlights. Nevertheless, she brought in natural and balanced highlights that made me incredibly soothing. Thanks!!
Rida Afridi
Being at House of Salons yesterday was one of the finest hair salon experiences ever for me. I was heartbroken since my hair was damaged by a local hairdresser. I asked for a shadow, but instead, I received lovely blonde highlights, some highlights were green also. I didn’t believe things could be fixed, but I hoped for something, either way. HOS’s been incredible! The lady came to me and explained everything to me including costs, shadows and anticipated time, so that I would not be surprised by anything. We walked along with it, and she could remove the green color and made a lovely shadow/balayage. I’ve been there for about an hour, yet I wasn’t bored once, and the mood has been fantastic. Highly recommended to everyone.
To try something different, I went to House of Salons. A sweet girl brought me to her station, one of the gorgeous females there. I said I wanted ombre hair shadow for my hairs. She presented me various samples of hair color and how she was going to apply it. I had a lot of comfort. She showed me the outcomes after the entire effort. I just love it! I love it! My hair was colored for the first time, and she made it great! House of Salon, I totally recommend it!
Saba Khan
House Wife
Hi everyone- I’m very different and unique about my haircuts, so I recommend House of Salons on your next hair meeting or facial without hesitation. They are highly competent, offers the best quality service and, to be sure, they have got one of the most charming and honest persons you ever will encounter! Truly the finest haircut I have ever had, and their facial is necessary if you want to give your skin a beautiful skin treatment! The pricing of all services is quite low.
Ateeq Kiyani
I shifted to Islamabad recently and wanted a new place to cut my hair. With my hair, I’m very careful. I decided to try House of Salons. I ha listen a lot about them. I was welcomed with a grin as I walked in! That day, a lady was my stylist. I gave her an idea of what I was looking for and she came to cut. The result was terrific! In her area, the lady was highly careful and knowledgeable. I have been going to her for every hair cut since the first hair cut and whenever it comes to suggesting a salon! I suggest HOS absolutely!
Zaman Khan
Transport Business
I have been the customer of House of Salons for quite a long time now. Their service is so good that I never thought of going somewhere else the people are same and maintaining their quality. I had never had an issue in such areas. Its not easy to satisfy customers. House of Salon provides the greatest coloring specialist, helping everyone solve any problems. I advise everyone to try this site and I’m confident that you’ll be 100% happy like me. Such a clean and nice ambience will please everyone.
Software Engineer
Big thanks for the color and cut that House of Salons has! So, this was my initial visit to HOS! I’m not a local of t! town. The lady took her time to ask all the related questions and explained well what she chose about my touch of color (I am 63 years old and has a grey roots) …no roots any further, and a beautiful natural brunette color. Besides color, HOS has got such a skilled hairdresser who gave me a haircut that I never had before. It changed the whole complexion of my hairs. Thanks again.
Kaleem Iqbal
Ali Iqbal
I’m always looking forward to amazing highlights and colors that appear natural and remain more than a week in my hair. With House of Salon’s hair cuts, I was extremely impressed! They s suggested a shade to me, and I was skeptical, however for my complexion and face type, it turned out to be an absolute perfect color. I was back three times and I’m always very satisfied with the service every time and HOS is one of the finest in Islamabad.
It was fantastic for me to visit this salon! I was really satisfied that my request for an extremely delicate session was heard and honored by House of Salons. He had been courteous and remembered my wishes. In the past, I recall a hair stylist that I had to remember every time because he damaged my hairs. That person at HOS really is a color artist and I particularly love the organic color line in this salon. In a salon that has such great regard for everybody, employees and customers, it is a real joy. Thank you so much for being so skilled.
Asma Salman
With a lot of mess on my hairs, I came into House of Salons. During the winter I had died my hair red/brown, and I wanted to go blonde back in the summer. Well, it’s been awful, I attempted to do it myself. So, I got bright orange hair when I stepped into the hairdresser. Soon as they opened up, I stepped around and immediately the hairdresser came to me. She was pretty and talked me through it all (since I haven’t done my hair frequently). At last, I got my blonde’s beautiful shade. It’s that same and that’s just the thing I desired! She even trimmed well!
Qurat ul Ain
I simply want to begin by expressing how warmly I was welcomed when I went in. Then it was awesome when I went with guy for my keratin treatment of my hair. He spoke to me all the time and was extremely kind. I had a fantastic experience and enjoyed the whole time there! I had some horrible hair treatment experience in the past and had been very worried about it. But it’s been incredible! Thank you! Thank you. Thank you, HOS!
I’ve tried numerous hair color-designers all around the country for many years. But I have to add that HOS always did the greatest work and has got real color artists. In past years, I have been discouraged by so many hairdressers, in particular, from trying to regain the red hair I lost naturally somehow. But the guy’s eye never snapped. Together we have worked to improve my previous shade and took the chances with my appearance I never had before. The results are amazing every time. I adore my hair and for that I have to thank HOS!
Sara Arif
I literally enjoyed my time at House of Salons last weekend when I had a pedicure. I aspired for same day appointment, and I got it! I had a 5 out of 5 experiences! The young girl had been new to the job, but I didn’t know it. She was efficient, kind, and responsive to my demands. After a superb pedicure, I got a very delicate hair treatment. I’m going to return for another visit to HOS when I’ll done with some work. Thank you for your accommodation and for a decent work!
Bushra Naeem
Media Activist
When I reached House of Salons, I got a free consultation there, where they went beyond what I expected! I surely did not anticipate this! That guy genuinely analyzed my hair and even discussed with a colleague on some suggestions. He tested a strand and also gave me a short blowout. HOS has been terrific!!! I get my first booking with HOS and I’m quite thrilled to get my hair going as I’m pleased on my experience with HOS. Thank you for such a wonderful experience!
Naeem Khan Bloch
I just moved to Islamabad and a coworker suggested House of Salons to me. I got my first appointment with HOS, and it was awesome! The lady at the front desk welcomed me warmly, and my hairstylist welcomed me also when he arrived. It took us around ten or fifteen minutes before he starts cutting, talking to me regarding my hair and my style and provided me some innovative ideas. During the haircut and blow-dry, we had a very lovely discussion, and I suddenly feel like I found some wonderful hands! It’s precisely what I wanted; I love my cut!
Hamid Butt
I seldom write feedbacks but felt obliged to give review after my first wonderful visit today at HOS. After years of wasting money on my hair-coloring, I took a chance and booked an appointment with House of Salons. Their whole team was brilliant: they actually listened to me and my needs and didn’t hurry me, provided informative and thoughtful ideas and I was given a color which I’m very satisfied with! It was great. In addition, the living space has a great feeling and a comfortable atmosphere. My next visit has already been arranged. Thank you, HOS! Thank you, Tom! Thank you!
Mass Media
Because I have to travel a lot in my job, I’ve had to adjust with different hairstylists. Some were, of course, better than others but I can really say I found my perfect hair professional with House of Salons. I value most of their time both listening to my views and wishes and at the same time, giving me fresh advice based on their years of experience. I was thrilled by the outcomes on regular basis. So thankful that I found House of Salons.
News Anchor
WOW! After a month of searching, I finally found my hair master in Islamabad. I searched the web and luckily, I encountered House of Salons and it isn’t located far away from my house. A few months ago, I went there with my friend, but I didn’t need a haircut at that time. My past haircuts were almost the same No style or flare just trim on the bottom and leaned to the sides. Everyone with curly hair realizes that you need to care your hair differently. So, after a long time, I found someone who knows how to make a style out of curly hairs. It was an awesome experience going to HOS!
Rubab Ali
Government Servant
I just recently got my hairs trimmed and colored from House of Salons. I am extremely delighted with the end results. This is my first visit to HOS, and I felt like they were listening to me very carefully when I described what I needed. The final cut was showcasing their great skills. Also, when I was unsure about which of my ideas to go with, they provided me great suggestions. The personnel were pleasant, and I had a peaceful day. I need a color touch and a trim to maintain this haircut. So, I intend to come back soon. HOS has done an excellent job.
Anam Iqbal
After a terrible experience at a local salon in the town, I was afraid and nervous to try House of Salons as I needed to get my nails done. Thankfully, I made the greatest decision to schedule an appointment with these guys. I was greeted warmly upon my entrance. The place was wonderful with great service. My nails were nicely shaped and manicured. I have my refill. The service was excellent for customers. All people are pleasant and talkative, yet they will respect you if you need some peace. Although my visit was noticeably short, but it was no short of amazing.
Mehwish Raza
Web Designer