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We at House of the Salons Islamabad have the best hairstylist in the country. Our hairstylists make you shine like a star. We have the best and state-of-the-art equipment. You can enjoy your haircut in a very soothing and private space.

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shine like a star

regular hair stylist

The regular haircut is a hairstyle in which the sides and back of the hair are cut shorter than the top, leaving the top of the head long enough to comb and style. Regular haircuts are also known as standard haircuts, professional haircuts, business-man cuts, short back and sides, and regular taper cuts.

Regular haircut styles include a side part and a comb-over. At the same time, there are examples of normal haircuts that are untidy, wavy, or curly. Crew cut, ivy league haircut, and buzz cut styles are additional alternatives for this style. So, visit the House of Salons to get it done.

hairdo style

The styling of hair, generally on the human scalp, is referred to as a hairstyle, hairdo, or haircut. This can sometimes include beard hair editing. Hair fashioning is a facet of personal grooming, fashion, and cosmetics, while practical, cultural, and popular factors also affect some hairstyles.

Our expert hair stylists take pleasure in giving the attention to detail, style, and appearance you desire. Furthermore, as a finishing touch to any hairstyle. HOS will leave you feeling fantastic and ready to face the day.

beard coloring

We are focused on color since we have a well-balanced crew that focuses on both Old School Barbering and Modern Trends. The days of having to choose between a Barbershop and a Hair Salon are long gone. You have it all under one roof here, but with the extra bonus of being in a completely macho setting. So, House of Salons is the place for you to get all these services.

beared reshaping

Take your beard to the next level with some terrific tips from House of Salons. With these tips, you can boost your game face with reshaped Beard and a new hairstyle. Have a look at some styles on the HOS webpage.

You are ready to take on the world looking, feeling, and being your best once you have perfected your beard style. The wonderful thing about beards is that you can always change them up. Discover your personal style and perfect your appearance with HOS.

gentleman shave

The services provided by House of Salons are not only limited to just cutting or makeup but also extends its services to shaving purposes as well.

It provides a traditional hot towel shave, with a light facial blended in, performed with straight razors as it should be. We feature a rotating assemblance of aftershaves for your pleasure.

signature haircut

From men’s and women’s traditional haircuts to modern hairstyling, Signature Style offers is a good hair services at affordable prices. Our professional stylists will help you find the hairstyle and services that fit into your day and your life, whether it is a quick trim or a completely fresh look.

Signature Style offers is great haircut for both adults and children from highly trained, professional stylists. You will be sure to get an up to date, on-trend style, that is right for you.

hair trimming

The quality is in the details. Simple things important to detail-oriented men like you, which is why when it comes to your trim, we only utilize the best services. Our pleased clients understand how significant these minute details are because they make every interaction with us that much more enjoyable.

 It is time for a facelift! House of Salon is the ideal venue to experiment with new styles. We guarantee that your haircut or style services will not go unnoticed at any function.

hair styling

Haircuts for men, women, and children should be the most fundamental service provided by a hair salon. Because House of Salon is skilled in various areas, the beauticians are expected to be able to style all sorts of hair.

hair coloring

Drying and styling the customer’s hair before they leave the salon is also a typical service that is included in the price of the haircut. Being able to provide every client a haircut and style, as well as guaranteeing that all hairstylists have knowledge of various varieties of hair, HOS is everyone’s first priority in town.

Signature Style offers is a great haircut for both adults and children from highly trained, professional stylists. You will be sure to get an up-to-date, on-trend style, that is right for you.