What are Hydra Facial and its benefits for Winter-Thirsty and Dry Skin?

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Our skin is one of the defensive barriers of our body against all the outer harms, environmental factors, and weather changes. Winter requires extra care for our skin as cold winter climate and indoor heat and air can leave skin drier, rough, patchier, and dehydrated.  

Winter skincare needs extra time and effort because extreme weather conditions have a direct impact on our skin as humidity becomes low resulting in making our skin becomes excessively drier because such weather conditions steal the moisture of skin leaving it dull, drier, and dehydrated, making it look unpleasant. Moreover, those who already have dry skin may notice their skin becoming excessively drier and scalier.

With extensive care and effort, we can restore the moisture and freshness of our skin, and getting Facials done with the right hands can help a lot.

 The Winter season is the best time to get your facials done.  

We always stress how much moisturizer is important to our skin and so we do apply but a facial done by a professional can help in restoring the freshness and moisture of skin that was lost. There are a lot of facials in the beauty market which may help but if we talk about the hydrated, exfoliated, skin revival, fresh and plumped skin, then there is only one facial, which our skin wants and has become the need of the hour.


Hydra facial is one of the best, trending, and most popular facials introduced by the beauty industry so far now. The word HydraFacial says all itself: HYDRATE. HydraFacial is such a soothing and refreshing skin treatment that it gives life to your dry and dead skin by deeply hydrating and peeling off dead skins.

HydraFacial is just not your ordinary facial but proper treatment and in just 40-60 minutes, it gives your skin-deep hydration that can last for a longer period.

HydraFacial works for deep cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration and this treatment is purely a professional procedure and helps to treat a variety of skin conditions.

HydraFacial Procedure

The HydraFacial treatment begins with purifying by eliminating the dead skin cells and abundance of sebum from the skin. Then, a blend of salicylic and glycolic acids is applied to the skin to separate any dirt, dead skin, and oil that is stopping up pores. Then, at that point, the Hydra Strip Tip is utilized to basically vacuum out clogged pores, dirt, oil, and contaminations, while hydrating, plumping, and serums are infused into the skin.

 The whole process of this treatment is customizable according to every individual’s skin requirement while giving the accompanying key advantages. You can change around the serums utilized during the treatment to explicitly focus on your own skincare concerns like maturing or bluntness. Surprisingly better, the dermatologist and esthetician might offer extra treatment additional items.

Benefits of HydraFacial

The HydraFacial helps to the overall improvement of the skin surface, texture, tone, and appearance. This is because of the profound shedding that cleans your pores, eliminating dead skin cells and dirt particles, and infusing the face serums custom-made to your skin type.

Deep Hydration

Regardless of whether you’re drinking sufficient water during the whole day, it may help the tropical layer of your skin and your facial cells benefit from effective hydration. But you still need a treatment that helps in hydrating the skin with deep infusion and eliminating the dead skin cells, open pores, dryness, rough texture of the skin and during a HydraFacial, the experts infuse the skin with the best creams and serums for every individual necessity for a longer time. This imbuement will endure consistently and works related to saturating skin care items such as moisturizers and creams available at home. Only experts can propose thoughts on the best way to choose the ideal at-home skincare products for fighting dryness, flakiness, redness, or some other winter skin troubles.

Blood Circulation

As skin ages, regular dissemination of blood flow becomes slow and eases back, which dulls the skin complexion, texture and makes skin look aged and this is when a good HydraFacial works at its best. A HydraFacial expands the facial skin’s bloodstream, which makes a solid sparkle to the skin making it look flushed and plumped infusing it with skin-required serums and messaging it to make a good blood flow guaranteeing you to look younger and fresher this entire winter.

Removal of Blackheads

Who wants blackheads to be part of their skin? Definitely! No one…!

Dead skin cells play a vital role in blackheads and make skin looks dirty.  Dead skin cells likewise add to clogged pores. HydraFacial helps to gently remove the blackheads which may benefit acne from breakout. During this initial step, the aesthetician completely cleans your face and applies a clinically approved solution to the skin with an interesting instrument called a Hydra Peel, that helps to delicately peel off the flakier and dry skin and eliminate dead skin cells to uncover more plumped, flushed, and healthier skin.

Infusion of Moisturizer

After, all the skin cleansing and peeling off dead skin, the experts utilize a unique gadget to vacuum away any garbage, contaminations, and overabundance oil stopping up your pores and causing skin inflammation injuries. With your pores perfect and open, experts implant moisturizer into the skin and make sure it is absorbed into the skin to full up and streamline your skin.

A Clearer and fair Complexion

Though, we all do care of skin at home but, at-home skin health management items can leave behind zits and stopped-up pores. During the peel-off and extraction step, the HydraFacial utilizes an easy pull cycle to eliminate contaminations from profound inside the pores. When all the contaminations are being sucked and taken out, the skin becomes in an ideal state. The extraction cycle will get pores free from skin inflammation, zits, and other skin pollutants that make skin flaws and damage and make it look healthier, fairer, and glowing.

Work on Long haul Skin Wellbeing

The HydraFacial treatment is great for battling sun harm and other occasional natural stressors and risk factors. HydraFacial helps to keep your skin clean, healthier makes it sparkle and sound all around – particularly during the dry and dull cold weather conditions. Anybody looking for a superb, protection skincare treatment that offers perceptible outcomes ought to think about a HydraFacial.

Additionally, from all the loves, SELF-LOVE comes first, and it is the right of everyone, boy or girl, man, or woman to look beautiful and a delight to vision. So, what are you waiting for? You are only a couple of steps away to feel your skin smooth and healthier. Don’t hang tight, simply make a meeting with experts at House of Salons right now to get your HydraFacial done as per what your skin needs. Our HydraFacial is perhaps the best facial around and this is by and large what your parched winter skin needs for. Show up with us and partake in this colder time of year season with hot refreshments with no responsibility.

Our group of experts at House of Salons would love to make a treatment plan for you, that is ideal for your skin concerns. Here, the team of House of Salons can assist you with accomplishing the best skin of your life any season. Our group of experts at House of Salons would love to make a treatment plan for you, that is ideal for your skin concerns. Here, the team of House of Salons can assist you with accomplishing the best skin of your life any season. To find out more about the HydraFacial, your skin type, and your needs, go ahead and book a meeting with our specialists. Book your appointment for the best Hydrafacial in Islamabad.

Guest article by Sidra Arif Sheikh

The writer is a Lahore-based content writer and freelance journalist. She mostly writes about health issues, current affairs topics.

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