Haircuts For different Face Shapes

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There are several factors to consider while choosing the best haircut for you, ranging from the texture and thickness of your hair to the shape of your face. So, here is a straightforward guide for you because determining the shape of your face and what hairstyles look nice with it may be difficult!

At The House of Salons, we have a team of skilled hairstylists that can give you a stunning cut, color, or any other treatment you choose. In this article, we will discuss the greatest haircuts for various facial shapes. Proceed to discover more and make an appointment with us now.

Face with an Oval Shape

While most hairstyles flatter this facial type, a blunt bob with face-framing pieces or a shoulder-length cut with additional layers to give volume is two of the greatest options.

The length of an oval face is longer than the breadth, and the jawline is just slightly narrower than the head. An oval face lacks noticeable points and angles. Because it is well-balanced and proportional, this face shape complements a wide range of hairstyles and styles.

Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces have a broader hairline and temples that gradually curve to a small jawline. If you have a heart-shaped face, your forehead may be dominant, and you have beautiful cheekbones!

It is important to select a haircut that either enhances or balances your tapering facial shape for your face type. A lob or long bob that extends over your shoulders, a side-parted pixie cut, or a long haircut with a deep side part may all serve to draw attention to your greatest features.

Face with a Square Shape

Square faces have broad foreheads, cheeks, and jawlines that are the same breath. The notable characteristic of this facial type is a strong jawline. Blunt bangs or a short bob might draw attention to your jawline if you have this facial shape. You may also go for delicate and wispy bangs that fall to the side to soften the appearance of your facial shape.

Round faces

Round faces are distinguished by their uniform width and length, as well as the absence of any conspicuous angles. Round features make people appear younger, which means you may experiment with more youthful haircuts.

A long-layered cut, a jagged pixie cut, a lob, or short side bangs are the greatest hairstyles for round faces. These haircuts can assist to extend your face and angles to your look.

Faces with Long Necks

Long faces are oval faces that are longer. The face’s length is greater than its breadth. Long haircuts with layers to create volume, chin-length bobs, and side-swept bangs are the greatest hairstyle for this facial type.

While there are more types of facial shapes, these are the most frequent. Identifying which haircuts complement your face type will assist you in finding your ideal appearance! Our hairstylists can assist you! Make a reservation at the House of Salons now.

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