Learn to accept your natural hair appearance


Increased women are embracing their natural hair texture. However, after years of utilizing hot styling products, it may take some time to discover what your hair genuinely wants and requires looking its best.

It is imperative to use curly-friendly products and it is equally important that girls with curly hair should know this. This includes avoiding products that may dehydrate the hair, such as sulfates, mineral oils, waxes, or drying alcohols, she says. Those with wavy hair might use comparable items to help define their hair.

Style following your hair texture

When it comes to style solutions for fine hair, you have several alternatives. You may experiment with untidy ‘dos, chignons, and low buns, and straighten or curl your hair with ease. Finally, how you wear your hair is a matter of personal preference.

Braids, side ponytails, or high buns are great options for ladies with thick hair who want to wear it up on days when it tends to grow heavy. What’s the advantage of a dense ‘do? It is so because a blowout can stay longer. And there is not much of a problem with utilizing cosmetics because the hair will not become burdened down as fine hair would.

Fight Frizz for good.

In a GH testing panel, 95% of testers reported having to cope with frizz. There are various methods for taming frizz, including having a decent haircut, using colder water, and sleeping on silk. As well as discovering hydrating shampoos and conditioners that work for you

Products with a high alcohol concentration tend to dry the hair, leaving the hair to seek moisture. If you have a dry scalp, try shampoos with moisturizing elements or cleaning conditioners instead.

Increase volume.

If you have fine hair, a long-lasting boost may necessitate some effort and talent. Here comes the teasing. Starting at the end and sliding the comb up and down is the improper way to tease hair. It will tangle the hair and combing it out will be a nightmare. Here is how to do it correctly:

Make sure your hair is thoroughly dry and de-knotted before you begin. Separate a part of the hair in the front using a fine-tooth comb or a tail comb, then clip it to the side.

Take a portion from the crown and hold it straight up. It is recommended to start at the mid-shaft and work your way down to the roots to avoid harm. Pull the comb out and backcomb again, starting from the mid-shaft. Finally, for a voluminous lift, comb the swept-aside part over the teased bump. Book your appointment with House of Salons now.

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