Hair Color for Winter Season


It is the season for warm hues and comfortable clothing. And, as the leaves begin to change color, it may be time to consider altering your hair color as well. As we enter the winter months, your platinum blonde hair may not be the best color choice.

Come into the House of Salons if you want to freshen up your style for the season. We can assist you with all of your hair coloring requirements, providing you with the ideal appearance that complements the changing of the seasons.

If you are not sure which colors are excellent for fall and winter, we will go through some of our favorites in this blog! Continue reading to find out more about the best hair colors for fall! Use these tips to update your style or completely transform your appearance!

Darker is better.

The fall and winter seasons are ideal for darkening your hair. Whether you want to add darker lowlights to your present color or entirely change your appearance for a fresh and dramatic look, the darker look is ideal for the colder months.

If you still want to go with blonde, attempt the ombré style, which was trendy and is always a good appearance. Simply darkening your blonde hair to a golden blonde color may give a touch of fall fashion to your look.

Consider caramel highlights if your hair is naturally dark but you want to add some highlights for extra style. These will lighten your hair while also keeping it dark and gorgeous for the fall.

Grow it Out

If you want to keep your hair blonde, let it grow out and do not care about the roots as much. Dark roots are a terrific way to add a touch of darker hair to your look and are the ideal fall style. While you may think it is a bad appearance, it is really in vogue right now. You can get your hair dyed while leaving your roots dark for a simple all-over color that does not necessitate time-consuming touch-ups.

Introduce Some Color

This is an excellent opportunity to go big with a distinctive and festive hue. Color your hair a deep red, copper, auburn, or other vibrant fall hue. These hues are not as eye-catching as the fantasy hair we saw last summer, but they are still entertaining and can drastically transform your style.

Alternately, defy logic and dye your hair silver or white for the ultimate winter queen appearance. This hue may wipe you out even more, but it might be fun and create a whole distinct appearance for you!

Fall and winter hair colors tend to be deeper and richer, but that does not mean you cannot wear any color you like; all you need is the courage to do so!

Come to The House of Salons to get your hair colored and prepped for the autumn season! This is an excellent moment to update your look, and we can assist you! View our services and contact us right away!

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